Tucson restaurant owners post Trumpian nonsense on Facebook, karma added to the menu.

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Well, that didn’t take long, but what did the owners of Cup It Up American Grill in Tucson expect when they posted a manifesto of Trumpian bullshit on their Facebook page? After all, this is Tucson, one of the more diverse and progressive college towns in the Southwest. You’re sure to alienate current and future patrons if you go writing right-wing nonsense like the Facebook post below (which has been removed):

Got that? They “believe in” the Bill of Rights but not the right to protest, which is the very first right listed in the document they profess to honor.
They somehow equate respect for Five-Deferment Trump with respect for the military and first responders. This veteran will remind these assholes that it’s perfectly sensible to loathe Trump and honor service members. They have nothing in common.
They don’t like hate groups and hate crimes, yet they align themselves with a president who’s been a fellow traveler with hate mongers …


We support 100%:
· The United States of America.
· The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. As the cornerstone of of legal system these apply to everyone in this great nation of ours.
· The Armed Forces of The United States. The Blog on the left is Veteran owned and operated.
· Access to afforadable and effective medical care, or better a single payer system that guarantees access to medical services to all people.
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· Common sense measures to prevent gun violence and to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and dangerous criminals.

We are 100% opposed to:
· Donald J Trump.
· Politicians who feel above the law and act unaccountable to their constitutes.
· Criminals who hide behind badges and government offices.
· Facisim in any form.
· Hate groups of all kinds, Hate crimes.
· Fake news.

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